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Are you a homeowner dealing with a failing plumbing system, but the thought of dealing with a plumbing company sends a chill up your spine? We get it. Patriot Plumbing was started over 40 years ago because we weren’t able to find the high-quality and speedy plumbing services that we know our community deserves. We pride ourselves on our commitment to speed and quality, gladly offering same-day appointments and 24-hour emergency repair services. Our full-service plumbing company is here when you need us, and our skilled Master Plumbers provide a comprehensive list of services including, water heater installation and repair, piping and re-piping services, drain cleaning, leak detection and hydro jetting, sump pump services and more!

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24/7 Emergency Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing emergencies can often strike without warning, leaving a complete mess in their wake. When you call our team, you can expect technicians at your door right away, arriving in a fully stocked truck, so whether you are dealing with a clogged toilet, a burst pipe, or anything in between, our team has you covered.

No matter how quick, friendly, and professional your service is, no one enjoys dealing with a plumbing emergency, and the best way to avoid these emergencies is to follow some easy-to-implement preventative measures.

3 ways to prevent plumbing emergencies:

  1. Watch what you flush: Just because something can be flushed down the toilet doesn’t mean it should be. Avoid putting tampons, pads, food, oil, “flushable” wipes, hair, or nails down the toilet, to minimize your chances of clogs.
  2. Keep an ear out for unusual noises: If you hear running water when all your faucets are off, or if you hear rumbling in your water heater, you have a potential repair on your hands at the very least. Letting these noises go unchecked can quickly lead to burst pipes or broken water heaters.
  3. Monitor slow drains: In addition to being conscious about what you put down your pipes, monitor how slowly your pipes are draining. Slow drains can sometimes mean scale buildup, which can mean potential clogs and leaks. These problems don’t go away on their own either, often compounding sooner than later.

We Get the Job Done Right, Guaranteed!

From sump pump repair and water heater installation to hydro jetting and emergency repairs, Patriot Plumbing is Orange’s #1 choice for plumbing services. We back all our services up with a satisfaction guarantee and offer unbeatable prices and workmanship. No project is too big or small for our skilled Master Plumbers who will get the job done right and on-time.

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