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The quality and condition of your home or business’ pipes are of the utmost importance. Poorly maintained piping or piping systems made of substandard materials are more prone to leaks, damage, and other problems. If you are concerned about your piping, we can help. Patriot Plumbing has decades of experience helping customers in Orange County and South Bay/Los Angeles maintain their piping systems.

As a company, we are built on a foundation of integrity and quality. Our goal is to provide innovative, measured, and reliable piping and re-piping services for our clients. At Patriot Plumbing, we aren’t happy unless you are. When you hire us to do a job, we get it done right the first time, guaranteed.

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Do You Have Old Galvanized Pipes?

Do you know what kind of piping your home’s plumbing system utilizes? If your home is more than 50 years old, it may have galvanized piping. This type of piping was used up until the 1960s, and unfortunately, it is more susceptible to corrosion and other problems. Galvanized pipes are steel pipes that are coated in either copper or zinc. This was an alternative to lead pipes, but unfortunately, it did not perform well over time. If your home is older, and you see rust and sediment in your water, there is a good chance that you have galvanized pipes, and they should be replaced.

Alternative piping materials used today include:

  • Cast iron
  • Chromed brass or copper
  • Copper
  • CPVC
  • PEX
  • PVC

Another type of piping material that should be replaced is polybutylene. This type of piping was mostly used from the 1970s to the 1990s as an affordable piping option. However, this material is not durable, and these pipes are prone to bursting without warning. If you have polybutylene piping in your home, it is recommended that you replace it right away.

When to Consider Re-piping Your Home

When it comes to replacing old pipes, your plumber will help you select your new piping materials. The location and specific use of your piping will determine what materials we recommend. We will never pressure you to buy particular products or services. Instead, we go over all of your options with you and help you select the best materials that are right for you and your budget.

You should consider repiping your home if:

  • Your home is over 50 years old and has never been repiped
  • You are concerned with the materials your existing piping is made from
  • You are experiencing frequent plumbing leaks, burst pipes, and other problems
  • Your existing piping system is heavily damaged or corroded
  • You are remodeling your home, kitchen, or bathrooms
  • You want to improve the overall functionality of your plumbing system

Knowing when to invest in whole home repiping can be tricky. But Patriot Plumbing is here to help. We will send an experienced Orange County repiping plumber to your home to inspect your plumbing system and make recommendations. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Consider PEX Piping for Your Re-piping Project

Many customers are looking for PEX, or polyethylene, piping when re-piping their homes. This innovative material can handle a wide range of temperatures, including extreme hot and cold, and is resistant to corrosion. It is flexible, can be installed in tight spaces, and is easy to work with. Additionally, because of its flexibility, it requires fewer connections and, therefore, has fewer weak points and less potential for leaks. It also has an extremely long lifespan of around 50 years.

To learn more about PEX piping and if it is right for your home, contact Patriot Plumbing. Give us a call at 949-502-3354 for Orange County or 310-544-4300 for  S. Bay/Los Angeles  to speak to our team.