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When you have a plumbing problem, you want it fixed quickly and effectively. At Patriot Plumbing, we provide exceptional service to every customer, and we never cut corners. The Master Plumbers we hire are top-notch, fully trained, and have years of experience. We have handled a wide range of plumbing problems across Orange County and South Bay/Los Angeles, from water heater upgrades to garbage disposal installations. There isn’t a plumbing repair, replacement, or installation our team can’t handle. As a company, we are committed to furthering our education and staying up to date on the latest innovations and methods in the plumbing industry. From big projects to small, Patriot Plumbing is here to get the job done.

When you need a plumber you can rely on, contact us at 949-502-3354 for Orange County or 310-544-4300 for S. Bay/Los Angeles

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Irvine Plumbing Services

At Patriot Plumbing, we have decades of experience working on a wide range of plumbing projects. We have the tools, knowledge, and skill to complete any project to the highest degree of excellence. We also work hard to stay up to date on the latest innovations and technologies in the plumbing industry so we can pass them on to you.

Patriot Plumbing is a full-service Irvine plumber offering the following services:

A well-maintained plumbing system will last for years, require fewer repairs, and function more efficiently. This means that by performing annual or seasonal maintenance on your plumbing system, you will be saving money. We also offer a wide range of plumbing maintenance services to keep your system running smoothly. To schedule a maintenance visit and inspection with a professional Orange County plumber, call Patriot Plumbing.

When to Call A Repair Plumber

Knowing when to bring in a professional repair plumber is the key to keeping your plumbing system up and running. When our plumbing systems are struggling, we may notice an overall loss of efficiency or find ourselves more frequently frustrated by underperformance. While some problems are just a symptom of an aging system, issues like poor water pressure, foul odors coming from drains, and frequently clogged toilets can point to more serious problems.

If you notice any of the following, you should call Patriot Plumbing:

  • Your water never gets hot
  • Water coming from faucets is discolored, smells, or tastes bad
  • Drains gurgle or bubble when draining
  • Your water pressure suddenly changes
  • You are experiencing frequent leaks or clogs
  • You see water staining on your ceiling, walls, or floor
  • Plumbing appliances are noisier than usual
  • There is visible damage to your gas line
  • There are wet spots or the smell of sewage in your yard

Instead of waiting for a major problem, you can keep an eye out for the warning signs of a struggling plumbing system. The sooner you call in a professional plumber in Irvine, the less likely you are to suffer from a plumbing system breakdown.

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Plumbing disasters strike without warning. When this happens, you need help right away. At Patriot Plumbing, we are always
available to our customers when the worst happens. When you need us most, Patriot Plumbing is there for you.

With Patriot Plumbing, you get white-glove service at unbeatable prices. Contact us today by calling 949-502-3354 for Orange
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