First of all, toilets usually don’t attract that much audience in the first place. Instead, try talking about toilet matters at your dinner table. Of course, you will either be kicked out or will be puked upon. But, such treatment to the toilet is not justifiable, especially when you can’t stay a day without it. But, we all have some stories about the toilet going bad.

And thus you know how important your toilet is. But, more than that, World Toilet Organization (WTO) states that an average person uses the toilet 2,500 times a year. Hence, a bad toilet is not something you would ever desire. But, for the fact, toilets give you alarm in advance. So, let’s know the signs telling you it’s time to replace your toilet.

How to Understand If Toilet Needs Replacement:

1. It is Old
Replacing an old toilet is always a good thing to start with. You may have heard different stories about the longevity of a toilet. While some may say that it can last for 50 years, others opine that it’s 100 years. But, remember one thing that it is the outer part they are talking about. Internally an old toilet may have many damages.

An old toilet becomes a lot of inefficient than the newer ones. It may have clogging problems or consume more water for flushing. Thus, you end up wasting more water than expected. Thus, it increases your water consumption and bills simultaneously.

2. Clogging Problems
Do you face clogging problems frequently? If yes, it is a sign telling you it’s time to replace your toilet. Older toilets face a lot of such trouble more frequently. While clogging is an emergency that you should never ignore, you must also ensure that it does not happen repeatedly.

Clogging can happen due to many reasons. But if it is frequent and random, it is a sign that your toilet is not working properly. And then you must treat it as an emergency and get your toilet replaced. If clogging appears more than once a week, prepare yourself for a replacement faster.

3. Cracks in the Toilet
Have you noticed any crack in the porcelain of your toilet? Crack in your tanks can cause a lot of problems. But, for one thing, it creates puddles of water around your toilet or settling near the base. These puddles are caused by leakage of the tank, created by the cracks.

The bottom line of this discussion is that cracks can lead to water puddles that can cause your toilet to malfunction. Such malfunctions can cause serious damage to your toilet over time. Hence, it is essential that you detect one early. You can run an inspection yourself in such a case.

Whether a crack can be repaired or not depends on the location and type of the crack. Also, not all cracks are detectable. In such a case, it is better to seek guidance from a plumber.

4. Plumber Visits Your Home Often
Visiting a doctor on a regular appointment is good. But you know you have some problem when you seek a doctor’s attention frequently. Similar to that, a plumber visiting your home frequently is not at all a good thing. So, how often does a plumber visit your home for fixing your toilet?

If it is not an occasional fix and you have to call a plumber often, know that you need a replacement. And the sooner you realise it, the better. It will save you money that you would have otherwise paid to the plumber for their frequent visits and servicing.

5. The Flush Never End
One of the major signs telling you it’s time to replace your toilet is the never-ending flush. The constantly running toilet tell you a lot about its condition. Water running for sometimes after a flush is quite normal and does not indicate anything. But if you notice it running all day, that is not a good sign.

But there is more to this never-ending flush. Apart from being irritating, it also wastes a lot of water. Older toilets use 5 to 7 gallons of water for flushing. Now, if you add this constant water flow, it will cross more than 9 gallons easily. Wasting that much water under the present scenario, of course, feels wrong.

6. Leaking Toilet
A leaking toilet is another major sign of toilet replacement. However, the fact is that sometimes recognizing a leak is harder than recognizing a crack. If you are negligible to your toilet, the chances are that it can go unnoticed for several days. Most of the times, you won’t even recognize that your toilet has leaks.

However, there are certain ways to beat these sneaky leaking problems. And how do you do that? Notice if you see water on the floor without any reason. Also, keep an eye on the water bills. If you see them increasing all of a sudden, run an inspection. Sometimes flooring problems are also a reason for water leaking.

7. Wobbling Toilet
If you feel your toilet wobbling or rocking, it is never a good sign. For one thing, it does make you uncomfortable. But apart from that, a wobbling toilet may indicate more serious issues. In most cases, a wobbling toilet requires some basic tightening of screws. But it can also indicate that the floor underneath is rotting.

If that is the case, you should call for professional help as soon as possible. Therefore, if you have a wobbling or rocking toilet, give a call to your plumber without wasting a single moment.


Toilet problems are often a matter that we overlook. These are some of the major signs telling it’s time to replace your toilet. However, it hardly matters what kind of problems you are facing right now with your toilet. If you feel that something is severely wrong, don’t be late to call a plumber.

A professional evaluation may help you find signs of toilet replacement earlier. So, you spend less on fixing the problems and get your toilet replaced before it creates any more trouble. We hope we could answer all your queries. Do let us know your opinion on this.