Sophia Karimi

Business Development & Client Care


Hi there, I’m Sophia. I moved recently to California from the United Kingdom, so I’m the newest addition to the Patriot Plumbing Rooter & Restoration family! I’m the sister of Dino and Fred and the wife of James. In essence, I’ve always had strong ties to Patriot Plumbing and know about the Company’s journey.

I have a legal background. I qualified and practiced as a Solicitor in the UK for many years. I became a Solicitor solely because I wanted to have the opportunity to help a variety of people and I love learning. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with Clients and acting in their best interests. Being able to serve them gifted me with the greatest job satisfaction! It was a daily goal of mine to dramatically exceed my Clients’ expectations and to create a relationship with each one of them, so they were able to call on me for help whenever they needed to! It was very difficult for me to decide to leave my established career for a new one, and my Boss, Legal Team and Clients were sad to see me go.

I decided to join the Patriot Team because of the core values which exist within the Company and the similarity in job nature that is, to be of service and help others in their time of need! I wasn’t surprised to be warmly welcomed by our Team of Patriots. I love that we all share the same single vision and goal – CLIENT SATISFACTION!

I’m the Company’s Business Development and Client Care Representative. I’m responsible for finding ways to Better Serve You as the Client. We’re a company that endeavors to provide the Best Service Possible, therefore feedback from our Clients is not only welcomed but valued. I’m here to listen to you and your needs!

At present, I’m thrilled to be involved in a New Project we’re launching.  Our Water Filtration Department!  Filtering your household water will bring about GREAT benefits for you and your family. I’m excited to soon share how water and personal health are very much connected!

When I’m not in the office, I enjoy shopping (ask James ha-ha), reading biographies and learning about the benefits of water filtration systems, celebrating holidays and holy days, spending time and creating memories with my beloved family, theme parks, traveling and exploring our beautiful world, enjoying nature and animals.

My future aspirations are to continue learning and gaining knowledge about this service industry to best satisfy client concerns and needs. I also wish to occasionally leave the office and go out on the field to meet with you, our Patriot family!

I hope to speak with you SOON!

Certification: Bachelor of Legislative Law (Hons) Degree, Legal Practice Course (University of Law, UK), Solicitor Certification, SFS Strategies For Success: Don Jon – 2019.

DISCLAIMER: In regards to any demo needed, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) requires the following:

Rule 1403 AQMD States:  Before Demolition Building Materials if your home is built prior to 1986 the said materials must be tested for asbestos and if the home is built prior to 1979 it must be tested for lead and Asbestos. Building materials such as; Drywall Tile, Stucco, Linoleum & Acoustic Ceilings will be tested.  For more information please click on the links below.